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Due to spam and hack attempts, new user registrations and all logins for this website are disabled. edit 3/14/2017: I have disabled all comments for the same reason. edit 5/11/2017: due to continued hack attempts, I am taking this dynamically generated WordPress installation offline. I will migrate all pages to static content and keep the public-facing website online.

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July 4th: Lake Marjorie to 823.0

July 4th: We continued our intentional pattern of moving at a glacial pace through the Sierras. We woke at 7am, then spent 4 hours repairing punctures in our sleeping/air pads. We climbed over Mather Pass at 12000ft, then descended a path with many waterfalls to 9000ft. —— July 4th Start location: Lake Marjorie, mile 808.9, near 36.94509, -118.42865 (coordinates to

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