Day 29: Zero day in Wrightwood

Our 29th day on the Pacific Crest Trail. We took yet another zero day in Wrightwood because Rick woke up with either tendonitis or compartment syndrome in his left ankle.


Start location: Wrightwood
End location: Cajon Pass
Miles hitchhiked: Around 30
Miles hiked: 0

Our day was slow. We slept in till 9am. Immediately upon rolling out of bed, Rick’s left ankle hurt. He massaged it, and the problem seemed to go away.

Unfortunately, when Rick walked down SR-2 from the hotel to the nearby hardware store to get a list of local trail angels, the pain returned. Wanting to avoid an overuse injury similar to that which paused our Appalachian Trail hike last year around late May, we decided to take a zero day.

We ate cinammon buns, cottage cheese, and berries for breakfast, all from Jensen’s. The cinnamon buns were nowhere near those from Idyllwild’s Town Baker in terms of quality, but they were still good.

After checking out of the hotel, we did laundry at a nearby trail angel’s house. As a privacy courtesy to that trail angel, we won’t say anything more about the time we spent at his house.

We got a lift from that trail angel back to Wrightwood proper. We made reservations at the Cajon Pass Best Western, as it was significantly cheaper than anything in Wrightwood. We resupplied at Jensens, spending $60 on what (at a store like Albertsons, Vons, or Ralphs) would have been $40 in food. “Jensen’s Finest Foods” is overpriced. We ate pizza for lunch.

Repacking food outside Mile High pizza

Repacking food outside Mile High pizza

Repacking food outside Mile High pizza

Repacking food outside Mile High pizza

We hitchhiked down the mountain to Cajon Pass; our hitchhike was a deli-counter employee at Jensen’s who’d just gotten off work. A Missouri transplant to the Wrightwood area, he was very interested in helping hikers (a common theme around the Wrightwood area). He gave us a direct lift to the Best Western and refused to take gas money!

We were at the Best Western by 4pm. Rick’s ankle still sore, we decided to make use of the hotel’s hot tub. If you’re a train fan, this may be the single greatest hot tub in the world. While in it, you’ve got a view of every railroad track running through the Cajon Pass.

We returned to our room in time to catch AMC’s regalia around the series ending of Mad Men. We did watch the series finale as it ended.


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