Day 45: 25 miles of desert and burned hillsides

June 2
Start location: preceding day’s site
End location: 34.99808, -118.43292, mile 549.01

We left at 6:20am, our earliest yet. We had fair weather in the morning.
We walked across the aqueduct in the morning; it was very easy walking on concrete. It was also flat.

We soon arived at the Tehachapi Wind Farm, where it was shockingly windy! It was a total 17 mile hike to Tylerhorse Canyon, the last 4 of which were the only ascending portion.

We arrived at Tylerhorse Canyon by 1:30pm and took a multiple-hour break to let the hottest part of the day pass. We took camp showers a few hundred feet from the trail, then ate a meal and shut our eyes for a bit.

By 4:30pm we were walking again, with the intention of traversing another 7.5 miles and steep 2500-foot climb. Right up until the base of that ascent, the trail is trending descent. Out of nowhere, it starts climbing wildly up that 2500foot hill. It’s switchbacks up the side of the hill. There was no shade, so we were incredibly thankful for the cool weather we encountered (it was in the 70s!).

Upon arriving at the campsite at mile 549.1, we were greeted with a nicely maintained water cache and multiple lawn chairs. A dirt road runs adjacent to the otherwise burned-out camping area. Other hikers were there, but we’d not seen them often before.

We slept great this night: there was no wind, and we were exhausted after having completed our longest day yet.

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