Day 47: Jump up to Walker Pass

Day 47: June 4th: We took a zero day and got a ride from Tehachapi to Walker Pass.

Start location: Best Western Plus, Tehachapi, CAME
End location: Walker Pass Campground, mile 652, lat/lon 34.99808, -118.43292

We did not hike today. Rather, Erica’s parents visited us in Tehachapi, and gave us a lift up to Walker Pass.

We opted to skip these (approx) 85 miles of trail due to the extreme dryness the area is facing in this year of drought. Midway through the skipped 85 miles is a potentially 40 mile dry stretch of trail. We didn’t want to deal with it.

Erica’s parents took us on errands most of the morning. Amazing how errands stack up while hiking. This blog is yet another entry on that list of things to do.

After errands, the drive up to Walker Pass was about 1.5 hours. We detoured at Indian Wells Brewing, a brewery that uses on-the-property spring water in its beers. We ate dinner there and shared a flight of beers.

Erica’s parents dropped us off at Walker Pass Campground around 6:30pm. We said our goodbyes and took a few photos before they drove off. Thanks, Margaret and Chuck!

We made camp by 7:30pm. There are other hikers here, but we don’t know any of them. The sky s very clear and still, with an as-yet-unrisen moon. Thus we’re off to enjoy the stars for a bit. Goodnight!


  • Eric Moyer


    You two are rocking it! Awesome job!

    I am going to be camping at Mono Hot Springs, just south of VVR from the 17th through the 24th. If you hit Walker on day 47 that puts you at 652/47=13.87mi/day. VVR is at 878.7, so 878.7-652=226.7 miles from Walker, which would put you there roughly on day 47+226.7/13.87=47+16.3= Day 63. Day 47 was June 5, so day 63 is is Jun 21st (smack in the middle of my camping week). The PCT runs past the east side of Edison lake and there is (normally) a ferry to shuttle hikers from the east side of the lake to VVR. Last season the lake was low and they were improvising with ATVs and boats; not sure what they are doing this season.

    Post and let me know if your are planning a resupply at VVR, and update your ETA if you have a better guess than the 21st. If I hear nothing I’ll plan to bike up there for a noon arrival on the 20th, 21st, and 22nd just to cover the spread. If we manage to hook up I’ll buy the lunch and you can tell the stories. :)

    – Eric Moyer

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