Day 48: 21.5 miles from Walker Pass

Day 48: we started at Walker Pass campground, then hiked 20 miles through low Sierra BLM lands.

June 5
Start location: Walker Pass
End location: mile 672.81, 35.78210, -118.02230
Miles hiked: 21.5

We didn’t start walking until 8:30am despite an early 6:30am rise. Why? For about 30 minutes we came under the impression that Rick had left his shoes somewhere (he’d been wearing camp sandals and didn’t notice that his boots were missing). Luckily, we found the shoes. Unloading from Erica’s parent’s car the day prior, we’d left the shoes (presumably) near the side of the parking lot. Another hiker must have found them, and moved them to a hiker box near Walker Pass Campground.

We had multiple climbs of over 1000ft elevation change today, and thus changed ecosystems multiple times. The scenery is already great: early in the morning we had views of Inyokern, CA and the Owens River Valley. After that, we transitioned westward and had great views of the interior of the lower Sierras.

We did not intend to do a 20+ mile day today. It happened naturally and without pressure. The miles were easy.

Today was Erica’s first day hiking with a bear canister, and she doesn’t like it. The powers that be require PCT hikers to use a large, bear proof cylinder to store food through the Sierras. Technically, the rule doesn’t start till Kennedy Meadows. But Erica wanted her can early to experiment with fitting it in her pack. Rick’s canister arrives at Kennedy Meadows.

Why hate the bear canister? It’s heavy, at nearly 2 lbs. It takes up a lot of space in our packs, thus forcing us to hang stuff on t he outside of the pack. And it’s expensive: bearproof containers aren’t cheap.

Bedtime now.

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