July 6-8: Relaxing at the Creekside Inn in Bishop

We spent July 6-8 taking care of hiker errands and relaxing at the Creekside Inn, which is one of Bishop’s nicer hotel properties.

Outside, the Creekside Inn has an actual creek running through the property, along with well-manicured green spaces, ample creek-side seating, and a nice pool and spa in a brick-lined courtyard. Inside, the rooms are exceptionally comfortable and modern, decorated in woodsy brown colors. The lobby has lots of leather armchairs and couches, as well as large, framed photographs of the Sierras in various seasons. The lobby also has a large dining area where they serve hot breakfast daily (at no additional cost). In the evenings, the Inn sets out trays of fresh cookies; lemonade, iced tea and coffee are available throughout the day. In other words, it was a huge upgrade from the EconoLodge, although it came with a correspondingly higher price. Oh well. Sometimes the luxury is worth it.

Somehow, we racked up a big list of chores in the five days since we had last left Bishop: Rick had to replace his sleeping pad after one of the baffles failed (which has happened to him a few times in the last 1+ year of hiking). Erica had to order new shoes to replace the ripped up current pair. We needed to make changes to our upcoming maildrops. We needed to treat our clothes with permethrin in order to combat the onslaught of mosquitoes on the trail. And the list goes on…

Fortunately, staying at the Creekside Inn for two nights also gave us ample time to relax and hang out together. We ate several healthy, grocery store-bought meals on our patio overlooking the creek; we swam in the pool and soaked in the spa; and, of course, we stayed up late watching TV and enjoying the kinds of food and drink we can’t get on the trail. Suffice to say that many pounds of strawberries, vegetables, meats, and cheeses were consumed, along with several bottles of wine and local beer.

Now that we are checked out of our room, we are using the lobby computer to finish the last things on our chore list: updating this blog and backing up pictures. Soon, we’ll start hitchhiking back to the Bishop Pass trailhead, feeling well-fed and refreshed from another break in Bishop.

Our next stop will be at the Vermillion Valley Resort in roughly 4-5 days. We won’t have a hotel room there, but we will have showers, laundry and a resupply box to take us through the next stretch of trail. Unfortunately, it looks like we’ll continue having sporadic bad weather as we return to the trail, but that’s nothing new…



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